Diligently Distracted

Focus. It’s difficult. Sometimes near impossible, for some of us that is. ADHD has gripped my life and truly taken root in all aspects. The frustration of wanting to get things done and stay on top of work has always been a struggle of mine and routines seem like fruitless efforts with constant relapse into chaotic patterns of daily tasks. Alarms are slept through constantly, reminders seem like popup ads on the internet, quickly getting filed under ignore in the brain for no real reason, planners start strong then 4 weeks later pages are macerated at the bottom of a backpack. To some of you reading, this may be an all too real description of daily life. The truth is you are not alone, and if you are in this category, you know that only the tip of the iceberg has been reached from my brief description of the struggles. Unfortunately I have found little in the way of ameliorating these issues. Fortunately that doesn’t stop me from trying.

My goal is to research the best methods in every aspect of life to cope with ADHD and record every aspect of my life to outline all of my triumphs, hobbies, financials, research, exercise, and habits to not only give people some inspiration, but to give myself inspiration and accountability. If you would like to join me on this journey I am more than glad to have you on board. Lets start making our own decisions!

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