This Post Took Forever To Write

Ah, a familiar feeling. The feeling of sitting here and realizing… I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done and I’m 30 episodes deep into How I Met Your Mother. The truth is, I get distracted. HIGHLY distracted. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in high school and ever since I have become exceedingly frustrated with the information I have on how to make the most of my life. For that reason I have decided to spend an admittedly embarrassing amount of time trying to find the resources and tools to maximize my efficiency and improve my productivity. Unfortunately I have the burden of proving my methods, so for that reason I will provide evidence for each and every method I post on this page. Here lies my promise to do my best to be unbiased and fair with the data I find, regardless of what experts in each field may say.

The bane of my attention, and the source of all my woes… That doesn’t mean I will stop watching

That being said, I hope to also post quite a few articles that articles that are purely for entertainment and the pursuit of inspiring each and every one of you. I have included many individual categories and plan to include more as they grow. I have a broad range of interests so I am sure there will be posts aimed at a wide audience. This isn’t by design, but because of my large portfolio of interests. There are also plans for me to include a way for everyone to write in and have me research or speak on topics I receive from the audience; however I am dedicating this site to myself and no one else.

Here is where I will store and share progress, data, real life experiences, and research in the effort to be excellent at all I do. I will reiterate, the point of this site is for personal accountability, but if the opportunity arises where an audience forms, I have no issue catering to that audience provided it has a mutually beneficial effect. I will be transparent and honest, and I hope that is reflected upon the content provided from this point on.

Please, do all you can to enjoy the site I have provided and make sure to take note of anything relevant to your situation, especially if it is related to my own personal situation of being afflicted with an exhausting and persistent learning disability. Let’s not make ourselves be the victim, let’s just beat our prefrontal cortex back in line, one study at a time.

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